Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As I mentioned before, I spent quite a lot of time reading people's blog now a days, especially Xia Xue's blog ( People often say she's plastic or a bitch but in my opinion, she's an amazing person. She's really pretty and funny. I actually learnt some moral values by reading her blog and I really like her. Currently, she got nominated for a blog competition called 'Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011" in the 2 types of category which are "Most Influential" and "Best Lifestyle". I think she totally deserves both of the award so please vote for her alright! I had been voting for her every two hours. ♥

When I am checking out the other participants in the competition, I found this amazing food blog. Advice from me, don't read it when you are hungry because you might need gastric medicine after that. All her food pictures and description really makes my stomach growl. Those fresh shasimi and tender juicy wahyu beef. GOSH. I wanna jump into the picture to eat them! I bet I will never have the chance to eat those food, especially those 4 or 5 course meals at a fine dining restaurant since it cost a fortune. I'm hungry already just by blogging about that blog! *stomach growling* Here's the blog - Vote that blog as "Best Food Blog" alright. ♥

Here's a picture of Xia Xue!

Here's a delicious photo of asam laksa from grab your fork!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Hairstyle

As some of you guys noticed before, my hair looks like a lion. Yes, a lion. I am not lying! Look, that's a picture of a lion.


Now, compare that with this.

Look at my frizzy and dry hair. The only difference of my hair with the lion is that my hair is BLACK while it's hair is blond. Totally unfair right. *swing hair*

So, I decided to go to the saloon to relax my hair. Hair relaxing is some sort of treatment that relaxes the bond inside your hair. The result wasn't as straight as hair straightening but the volume of the hair will still be there. Just the way I like it. :) Straighten hair seems a little fake while relaxed hair seems natural. *thumbs up*

After 4 hours of sitting in the saloon ( which is quite tiring, I know, it's just sitting but it's still tiring alright! ), my new hair style was done! I actually went to A-saloon because they provide a computer for everyone. I didn't dare to on my facebook account because the hairdresser kept on starring at the computer, wondering what are you looking it ( That is weird ) so I decided to read xia xue's blog. Basically, I spent 4 hours reading her blog as she managed to turn me into a loyal reader. Thumbs up for xia xue!! So here's my new hairstyle! It's much more shorter and the my fringe is amazing. I JUST LOVE MY HAIRDRESSER and I am sorry that I forgot to say thank you to you. THANK YOU unknown hairdresser with a beard! ( IKR. I forgot to ask his name!! Damn. ) D:


New hairstyle. ♥

New Hairstyle. ♥

Macaron Baking Class

Macaron or macaroon is actually a sweet confectionary made from egg white, ground almonds, icing sugar and caster sugar. It's really cute with it's round and nice shape. Macarons are actually really expensive if you buy it from any store from Malaysia. ( Do you know that the ingredients to make macarons are actually one of the cheapest in all types of pastry and yet shops at Malaysia sells them for RM3- RM4 each? D: ) The reason macarons are so damn expensive is because the skills required to macarons to get into the perfect consistency and right oven temperature is REALLY HARD because they are really sensitive to temperature. ( Short term, they are like babies. Cute and tuff)

I actually tried to bake macarons a few times. Sometimes, it come out just fine ( Uneven feet but still, it tasted ok). Sometimes, it came out horribly. I am super pissed off with it since most of the times I couldn't get the consistency right. Therefore, my mom decided to sent me to Macaron baking class since I have nothing to do these days. YAYYY! I decided to ask Yi Xuan along too!

The chef, Chef Eigen Ting thought us the history and precaution about baking macrons. (ps. He's only 20+ and he's really cute and friendly) Finally for the first time I could get the consistency right. *double thumbs up for me* I baked purple macroons for myself with the guidance from the chef while Yi Xuan baked BLUE macarons. COOL. We had a wonderful time. Finally, my macarons have even feets and they raise up evenly. We even learnt how to make Mint Ganache, Salted Caramel Buttercream ( My favourite! Hardest to do too! ), Cream Cheese Frosting and Vanilla Buttercream for the fillings. Other than the Slated Caramel Buttercream, others are really easy to make. :D The chef even maked vanilla ice-cream using dry ice in just a few minutes as a special treat for all of us. It tastes much better than 'Walls' and MCD ice cream and it could be made within 5 minues!COOL!

I may not be an expert in macaron baking but I think I do know how to make it better now. Anybody wanna get macaron making lesson classes from me? I charge according to our friendship! Of course, I teach you all the technique but you leave all the macarons for me to eat. :p

Here are the pictures:

The fillings

Pipping it . :)

How is it? :D

And of course, MY MACARONS!

This is what happens when you add crushed dry ice into your ice cream batter. SMOKEY!

Vanilla ice-cream formed within minutes!

This is what happens when you add too much dry ice and the ice-cream became too cold. LOL.

The classroom.

Our chef with his sister. AWW!

My recipe book. DON'T PEEK!

Another photo of myself after the class. BYE BYE!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In Time

There is only one word to describe life after exam -- BORING. I sort of watched ALL the high rated korean dramas online. Oh yes, that's basically how lifeless I am. I should create a lifeless group in facebook! Anyone would like to join it?? Anyway, the best thing to do when you are feeling bored is head to the cinema and hit on a movie! TADA! Problem solved for a few hours. *proud*

I heard about Justin Timber lake acting in a movie called 'In Time" so I decided that that will be the movie I am going for. I went for the movie together with Yung Shin and Shee Yen. ( I just feel weird to walk into the cinema alone) D: We went for Carls Jr before the movie!!! As usual, The burger is FANTASTIC, AMAZING, DELICIOUS, MOUTH WATERING, GORGEOUS, GIGANTIC, JUICY and whatever nice words you can think of to describe a burger. ( I just adore Carls Jr, don't you?)

Here's a poster of the movie. Aren't them sweet or what?

Justin Timberlake. Cute, as usual. :)

I actually fell in love with Amanda Seyfried. She is the main actress for the movie "letters for juliet" but I like her role in "In Time" much better. Her smokey eyes are so seducing and all the clothes she wore in the movie were amazing. How I wish I could wear those kind of clothes too! It'll be like a dream come true! Mmmm... *slaps myself* You gotta STOP dreaming!

She's a beauty queen, don't you think?

This is her final outfit in the movie. Nice huh? ( Love the jacket and the heels! )

One more thing that makes me adore Amanda Seyfried is that she could actually RUN in heels. Like seriously. She wore a 4 inch heels and she could actually run for quite long distance in the movie. That was a professional move. I can't even walk properly in a 4 inch heels and there she was, running like a mad women in it 4 inch gorgeous heels. The most surprising part was, she only have a few more seconds to live and the only thing that could save her life is to run as fast as she could, for a normal human being, we will take off our heels immediately and run as fast as we could, but she DID NOT take them off, instead she ran with the heels on. Luckily she was saved by Justin Timberlake. PHEWWW..

Look at her heels. She actually ran in those. :o

Her's some extra pictures of the day. :)
Yung Shin and I

Shee Yen and Yung Shin. ( Is Shee Yen winking? )

Shee Yen. I think she actually looks nice in this photo. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Singapore Trip (again)

Right, this was the second time I went to Singapore. I don't know why but it seems like the only place my family went for holidays these days was Singapore since it's the nearest destination. Anyway, Singapore isn't that bad. This trip was supposed to be a SHOPPING TRIP ( I was so excited about the shopping part ) but it turns out to be a FOOD TRIP. ( I love food too, so it doesn't matters) :D

We stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. What can I say? The room was fine, normal but the lobby was a little over crowded. Anyway, the swimming pool on the 47th floor is AMAZING, especially when the sky was dark. They even had jaguzzi with all those hot and fluffy bubble. Mmm.... it certainly feels good. My cousin and I enjoyed having fun in the swimming pool for the whole morning and whole night ( Yes, we went there twice a day) while my sisters enjoyed lying beside the pool and enjoy the sunlight. They even ordered snacks!

Basically, we went for Singapore seafood at East Coast, "Mozza" (Italian cuisine) and "Daniel Boulud" (Fine Dining). Can't deny, the food was amazing, especially Danial Boulud. It was my first fine dining so I didn't know that we are supposed to order one starter each and NOT sharing it. That was so embarrassing. *blush* The food was costly, of course, it's fine dining anyway. Still, I ordered the cheapest food on the menu, which was a burger and it cost 38+ Singapore money. I can still feel the pain in my chest. D: We were supposed to go to 'High Society" after that but we wasted too much time in buying a new swim suit for me. :D New swimsuits are much better than desserts!

Enough typing, it's picture time. WOOH!

A duper cool water fountain at the middle of the mall

Lollipop tree!

Never ever forget TWG's macaroons!


Sisters + cousin + friend

Pool side (night)

Pool side (night)

Pool side (night)

Pool side (night)

Pool side (night)

Pool side (night)

Pool side ( morning)

Pool side (morning)

Pool side (morning)



FOOD! ♥♥

Seafood (food):

Chilli crab
I have no idea what is this. It's a type of prawn though.
Oyster with cheese

Mozza (food) :

Daniel Boulud (food) :

Daniel Boulud

Outside the mall

Me with my hamburger! <3

Bye Bye!